Salumificio Benese

Salumificio Benese was founded in 1973 with the idea of brothers Antonio and Giuseppe Borra, who together with their friend, Bruno Belmondo, started a small butcher's and pork delicatessen in the centre of Narzole, a village in the region of Langhe. Drawing on the experience gained over the years in other delicatessens in the area, "Gepe" started producing typical salami products from the Cuneo region, while "Tonio" specialised in cooked hams and Bruno in cured raw ham products. Our pigs are locally reared and butchered, sourced from the neighbouring countryside farms.

Following the success of their products, the need arose for a larger production site to support the growing demand, so they started up as a proper business, which moved to Bene Vagienna, just a few kilometers from Narzole. Since then, the Salumificio Benese has gained its own identity within the business network of Cuneo. Staying loyal to the region by respecting the butcher traditions of Piedmont, the company source their raw materials locally. They priority is to remain faithful to their founding values, which have always been Italian spirit, tradition, craftsmanship and customer care . It has become so renowned that it is now known locally as "Bene Vagienna Deli".

Over time, the Salumificio Benese has been able to expand the supply of its products, offering a new range of specialities with intense as well as delicate flavours, using the "king of Piedmont wines"- Barolo DOCG, with a registered designation of origin and its sought-after grape marc - and also a product that is both natural and unique -Porro di Cervere.

Today, the company remains open to change, with its careful selection of raw materials, efficient production and logistics, meeting the increasingly specific demands of its customers, offering its products to to the discerning customer in terms of food quality and the excellence of Piedmontese meats.

Proudly Italian since 1973. Tradition and innovation

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