Salsiccia al Porro di Cervere


It has given birth to a wide range of variations in shape and flavour, all with one thing in common: the freshest meat and regional flavours.This is how our sausages are made.

SALSICCIA DI PURO SUINO (pure pork sausage)

Our sausage is made exclusively with pure fresh pork selected daily and enriched with tasty aromatic spices and stuffed into natural casings.Minced to a fine grain, it is excellent cooked and garnished with bay leaves and a dash of wine.

SALSICCIA DI PURO SUINO ALL'AGLIO (pure pork garlic sausage)

A delicate sausage made with fresh Piedmont meat, expertly flavoured with Barolo DOCG wine.Available in convenient 370g trays.

SALSICCIA DI PURO SUINO AL PORRO DI CERVERE (pure pork sausage with Porro di Cervere leek)

This flavour of the sausage combined with the prized leek is pure poetry.Delicious on the palate, with a heady aroma.Available in convenient trays of 370g.


We could not forget the truffle at the foot of the Langa hills.A sausage that evokes childhood scents of those of us who had "trifulau" (truffle gatherers) as grandparents.Lean meats and hot truffles.There are no words, only aromas that intoxicate our senses: taste and smell.Available in convenient trays of 370g.

SALSICCIA DI PURO SUINO AL PREZZEMOLO (pure pork sausage with parsley)

The best cuts of meat are finely ground along with parsley, which gives our sausages a fresh and genuine flavour.

SALSICCIA DI PURO SUINO AL FINOCCHIO (pure pork sausage with fennel)

Fennel seeds are combined with our sausage, made exclusively from selected meats, to bring a delicious and robust aromatic sausage to the table.

SALSICCIA DI PURO SUINO PICCANTE (spiced pure pork sausage)

Spicy chilli is mixed with carefully selected cuts of meat and minced, to give life to our classic spicy sausage. The spices give it a reddish colour and an intense and lively flavour.


Our sausage filling is a true delicacy.The strictly selected meat is finely ground with a blend of natural spices. However, it is not encased to form sausages, but packaged in trays, which preserves the freshness.Great for a rich sauce, or it can be used for tasty meatballs as well as the filling for ravioli.

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