Nostran raw ham


Parma ham is one of the best foods in Italian cuisine.We select the best heavy pork thighs for butchering, which we then take to the Parma area, where they are carefully selected by the Consortium of Parma.Parma ham is cured for 14-18 months in special environmental conditions to give it its unique and delicate, almost sweet flavour.It is free from preservatives and low in fat, while containing vitamins, minerals, and protein, which makes Parma Ham suitable for all, "big ones" as well as "little ones"; as a classic starter or in gourmet recipes.


Our Prosciutto Nostrano ham comes from the thighs of large, heavy Piedmont pigs and has a sweet and delicate flavour, as a result of the careful selection and processing of the meat, which is then cured in our cellars, making it one of the most popular high-quality products.It is salted by hand and is available on the bone or boneless. Our Prosciutto Nostrano is one of our charcuterie specialities, a must for lovers of good food.


A staple produced to perfection with the same delicacy as raw Parma ham, made from the inner thigh muscle and cured for a whole year, it brings a 100% authentic, warm and enticing taste to the table.Just salt and time.Conveniently sized, it is also suitable for home recipes.


Culaccia is made from the large gluteal shank.Produced using the same techniques as for Parma ham, it is slowly cured in the cellars of Parma, and is ready after 12-14 months of slow ageing to bring out the delicate flavours and aromas.

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