Our rolled pancetta bacon combines the delicate flavour of the meat and a softer part, which is more succulent.It is sprinkled with salt and spices and left to cure for a couple of weeks.It is then rolled and encased to protect it for the period of drying and curing.Excellent when eaten sliced, in a simple but tasty sandwich, or cooked with scrambled egg.It is also ideal as an ingredient in many recipes, such as fried gnocchi, or even as an accompaniment to fish or in white meat recipes, such as chicken bites in pancetta, or for coated prawns.


Classic pancetta flavoured with garlic is a favourite for food lovers who enjoy rich flavours and aromas.Delicately seasoned with garlic powder, which adds an unmistakable aroma to sandwiches and platters.It is great in a sautée.


This is the quintessential pancetta like Italian grandparents used to make.In their rural setting, they used wooden sticks to close the pancetta in its rind like a book, so that no air could get in, thus preserving the quality and the final taste.Nowadays, we use skillful techniques just as back then. After curing and massaging, the pancetta is tied tightly with natural string and slowly matured.The result is a sweet and delicate product that, when the protective rind is removed, reveals a soft heart with warm colours and a unique taste.The slice, which melts on the palate, is perfect on charcuterie boards, in sandwiches or used as an ingredient for tasty recipes.It should be consumed at room temperature, in order to appreciate the aroma as well as the flavour.


Pancetta Montanara is an “easy” variation of the classic Pancetta del Preive.Created for easier slicing, we leave the rind off and gently fold the pancetta like a book and hand-tie it with natural string.Lightly seasoned on the outside with peppercorns, it is mellow and, because of its characteristic uniform shape, very suitable for roll fillings.For the same reason it is easy to use and makes excellent dumplings, which may be browned in the oven, and are perfect for delicious party food.


This is our lively, almost mischievous pancetta - with a mix of fine pepper on its outer surface, it is soft on the palate, with a warm feel and a slightly spicy kick.The intense aromas of the spice mix blend to bring out the flavours of the meat.The result is an intriguing product, suitable for charcuterie boards with aperitifs, snacks or as lively filling for fancy dishes.


We select the leanest bacon from our Piedmont pigs to make this pancetta, which is rolled and matured slowly with traditional craftsmanship.When it dries, the meat turns a warm ruby ​​red colour.Excellent when sliced for a colourful and tasty charcuterie board, or for a delicious sandwich.In the kitchen it is a great ingredient for many recipes.Pies, fillings, sautées, or as a topping for pizzas and focaccia.It is also surprisingly good with fish.Our grandparents knew good food and pancetta was a staple on every dinner table.This leaner version, when eaten in moderation, is wholesome and good for the stomach and figure, as well as the palate. A delight to be savoured.


Capocollo salami is a cut that combines a soft lean meat with a light marbling of fat. It is slowly salted and spiced with care by our master butchers.Once it is unwrapped from the rind, it is stuffed into a soft natural casing and hand-tied, left to rest and dry in a cellar for a couple of months.A light mould forms on the outside and enriches the flavour.The sausage is a red colour with streaks of white when it is ready to be cut into thin slices.It has a firm yet mellow flavour and is great in a sandwich, on your charcuterie boards or as a filling or topping in your recipes.


In the country tradition of Cuneo, lardo was a staple on every table.It is a rich, delicate product that is very versatile.Lardo is made from the outer part of the back, closest to the neck, and is a hard and compact lard with streaks of red meat.It is left to cure for about a fortnight and, once it reaches maturation, it is finished and packaged.Great on charcuterie boards, delicious on warm bruschetta, a main ingredient in some toppings (great with prawns), but also excellent spread on bread.


Our lardo is enriched with fragrant aromas and unique colours when we age it with herbs of Provence.This adds an extra touch to a unique product.


A real delicacy - the lard of the Patanegra pig.Seasoned with spices and produced using the best traditional techniques, it is a speciality with a unique taste and delicate and fine texture.Try it on charcuterie boards and in sandwiches; it is particularly tasty on slices of toasted bread.

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