Our aim is to combine the Piemontese tradition of craftsmanship with innovative production. We maintain a constant focus on food safety and customer satisfaction and make sure we choose Italian raw materials for our products.


Artisan tradition : We believe that traditions form a fundamental pillar of our work, and therefore have to be passed down and preserved. For this, our master butchers take care at all stages of production, using methods such as hand-tying of sausages and the preparation of "cooked meats" and our seasoning with "Aldo" broth, that have never changed and which we will always protect.

Italian quality : We believe that our success lies in the care we take when selecting the best raw materials, using only Italian meat. Those who enjoy tasting our products on the table appreciate the region's long history of producing foods to be savoured. But we do more: we only butcher pigs reared exclusively in Piedmont.

Food safety : We believe that food safety is essential for the final consumer. For this, all production steps comply with HACCP certification and all food safety and hygiene regulations; Moreover, the ingredients used are completely free from gluten, lactose and allergens. We have a quality system certified to ISO 9001: 2015 standards.

Porro di Cervere sausage - Salumificio Bene Vagienna
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